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I help my clients identify barriers to treatment including negative thought processes that often causes feelings of being "stuck", trapped, helpless, hopeless, or ashamed. Along with equipping individuals with the appropriate strategies to be able to sit with uncomfortable feelings and process the difficult ones in a safe and confidential setting via the online client portal.

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About Charis Counseling & Welnness

Holistic & Stigma-Free Perspective

Charis Counseling & Wellness was founded in 2021 after working several years in a Behavioral Health Hospital. While Serving children, adolescents, adults, & geriatric patients, Charisma began to explore the trends and needs patients while working as a Social Services Case Manager & Family Therapist.

During Charisma's time at the psychiatric facility she often conducted biopsychosocial assessments to learn about clients of various levels. Charisma also facilitated group therapy sessions to help clients process their thoughts & life experiences in a safe & therapeutic setting. Charisma completed family sessions to help client's identify their stressors/triggers, come up with a plan of action in case of a psychiatric emergency, while including their family members/loved ones to ensure their support and safety upon discharging from the facility.

Charisma's life's mission is to help people find acceptance, belonging, and identity. She currently holds space for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, & People of Color as they are often viewed by society as the lost, last, or least. 

 The word Charis derives from a Greek word meaning Grace. Charis Counseling & Wellness was birthed from a deep desire of meeting people where they are without judgement, and helping them find freedom from their past, addictions, negative thinking patterns that often results in a vicious cycle of defeat.

Charis Counseling exists to change the face of therapy and help normalize seeking professional help due to the stigma surrounding mental health. 


Charisma currently provides weekly, or bi-weekly tele-health services for individuals, couples, or families seeking guidance through life after school/college, those entering the workforce, relationship/family conflict resolution, reconciliation/reunification of family via incarceration or after separation, motherhood (perinatal & postpartum support).


Schedule your consultation with us today by emailing:

How I Help My Clients




Coping Skills

Emotional Regulation

Life Transitions 

Relationship Issues



Stress Management

Women's Issues

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